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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your ongoing support of Rolls Australia, as always we aim to be a reliable supplier to you and your business.
The business environment for manufacturing in Australia is highly challenging given the falling Australian dollar and the present COVID-19 crisis..

We are facing the challenges of rising costs of material, freight, labour and energy.
Whilst we have absorbed these increases over the past 3 years we are no longer able to do so without affecting our product and service.

It is with regret that we now have to pass on these increases but assure you that every effort has been made to minimise these without compromising our quality and service.
For these reasons, pricing will increase on all Rolls Australia stock lines as of 20th April 2020.

We will have a new price list available in the coming weeks.
Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification.
We appreciate your ongoing support as a family owned Australian Business and look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Kind Regards
Luke Rowe
Managing Director
Rolls Australia




650 square metres, six stories high, with enough room for 900 pallets. That’s a whopping big warehouse!

There's something so satisfying when the last piece of furniture has been moved into your new place
and you can finally sit down and take a good look around at what you've achieved. The same can be
said for how we felt when we packed the last pallet into our new warehouse.

Our new warehouse is big, and when we say big, we mean 650 square metres and six stories high –
and we're planning on using all of the space. Rolls 
struck it lucky when two blocks adjacent to our office

in Seaford came on the market. We snapped them up, poured the footings in December and moved in
last May.

Expanding into this new warehouse means more than just a swanky new place to call Rolls; it gives us
the space we need to service our clients better.

We print large quantities of forms and file covers for clients. The bulk of stock remains stored in our
warehouse, with our clients drawing on stock only as they require it. This provides greater efficiencies,
effectively bringing the overall costs of print and production down. We pass these savings onto our
clients. It's just another way we like to help our clients at Rolls – keeping costs down while maintaining
the highest levels of quality and customer service.




We’re not simply stationery suppliers, you don’t just get the product dropped on your doorstep. With Rolls you get full customer service.

At Rolls, we offer more than just a slick looking filing system.
Our customised solutions simplify daily processes and save time – making your job easier.

For Ray White Croydon, real estate is their livelihood. So when their outmoded filing system began to
cramp their style and take up valuable office real estate, they called Rolls to help claw back some floor space and sanity.
After a site visit and discussion with the Ray White Croydon team, we applied our industry know-how
recommending installing an open bay filing system with support racks, which not only gave back 45%
more floor space, it also improved the filing space by 30%.

To address staff difficulties in organising and recovering files, Rolls suggested a lateral colour tab file,
with distinct colours for landlord and tenant. A month after installation we visited Ray White Croydon, just
to make sure the new system was meeting their needs as promised. And what do you know? They loved it.

At Rolls, we design all products to be easily managed by our clients after installation. We've also
established a dedicated customer service team to guarantee timely delivery of orders. Because, at the
end of the day, what matters to us is that we've delivered a cost effective system
that really enhances the way our clients do business.



Terry uses some very colourful language… he has to let off steam somehow!

In 1965, when printing ruled the communications roost and the presses were running hot, a young 20
year-old print apprentice strode into the newly formed Rolls Printing offices and charmed the overalls off us.

Terry was the first ever person employed at Rolls, and 50 years later he remains an invaluable member
of the team. Beginning his career as our print machinist working on single colour presses, Terry steadily
grew with the company – creating processes that have travelled with us through the evolution
of Rolls Printing to Rolls Filing Systems. Terry's true talent lies in gathering information, processing it and
distributing it to relevant teams… so every job gets completed on time, on budget and according to the client brief.

If you want to know about a job, past or present, Terry's the man you speak to. If you need someone to
push through deadlines, Terry's your go-to-guy. If you need to break the tension with a well-timed joke,
you can count on Terry to deliver that too..

It was clear from the start Terry would be a good fit with the business, when all those years ago, he
ditched the standard print machinist uniform of overalls and opted instead for easy fit jeans. These days
Terry likes to divvy his time up between his much loved horses and checking in on how the Rolls team is
rolling. Congratulations Terry on an incredible innings, with more to come!



We're a real family... this is one of the things that has allowed Rolls to remain a force over the years.

It all began in 1965, when three young advertising sparks had a burning desire to start up the best printing business in Melbourne.

They say it's all in a name, and they wanted ours to reflect a promise to produce best quality printing and provide best quality service.
So, what do you call your new business when there's already a Mercedes Printing playing in the market? Rolls Printing of course!

We've learned over the years that being agile in business is essential to actually staying in business.
When the industry felt the squeeze in the demand for print work, Rolls sidestepped into the health arena, and began supplying forms and folders to hospitals.

At Rolls we make it our mission to learn everything about our clients.
It was through our dealings with hospitals that we identified the universal need for efficient record storage and recovery systems.
We invested our knowledge and know-how into custom filing systems and diversified our product offering to become Rolls Filing Systems.

We're proud of our evolution from Rolls Printing to Rolls Filing Systems, and the 55 person
strong team of passionate and dedicated individuals we have nationally.
While we've worked hard to build a successful niche business, we're a long way off from closing the file on finding
innovative ways to help businesses organise themselves.