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Filing Accessories
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A5 Filing Tray - Pack of 3
The Rolls A5 filing tray is manufactured from white single wall corrugated DWLE flute board. ..
Archive Box AR0101
The Rolls Archive Box (AR0101) is a one piece box with self-lid. Excellent for storing, ..
Archive Box AR0101-NQR USED
Product Code - AR0101-NQR The Rolls Archive Box (AR0101-NQR) USED is a one piece box with sel..
AU$3.65 AU$1.80
Clax Extra Basket AT0201
The Clax trolley collapsible basket (AT0201) fits perfectly onto either the top or bottom levels ..
File Garter AK0101
The Rolls File Garter (AK0101) is a heavy duty elastic strap for holding together sets of fil..
File in Style - Desk Rack AL0501
The File in Style desk rack is designed to be used in the home environment with the File in S..
File Strap AK0201
NOTE: Only Blue available The Rolls File Strap (AK0201) is a length of strong nylon web..
Filing Rack - Drawer AL0301
Rolls drawer filing racks are designed to be used in all standard size filing drawers. ..
Filing Rack - Square
Rolls square filing racks are designed to be used in any vertical shelving configuration. ..
Filing Rack - Wrap Around
Rolls wrap around filing racks are designed to be used in any vertical shelving configuration..
Label Dispenser - AP0101
Rolls plastic label dispensers are ideal for keeping your colour coded labels productive and orga..
Label Dispenser - Modular - AP030-
The unique , modular design of these new medical label dispensers give you more flexibility to co..
Outguides - Pack of 25
Rolls Outguides are designed to save you time in tracking files and re-filing. They open to e..
Rolls AM0201 Binder Insert A5 2 D Ring 50mm Dark Blue
Rolls Binder Insert A5 2 D Ring 50mm Dark Blue   Clear overlay on front, back an..
Storage Pockets (A4) - Pack of 3
Clear plastic storage pockets for binders or any folder with a clip. Ideal for securing docum..
3L Filing Strip And Mounter 8804-A100 Pack 100
Self-adhesive pre-punched strips for filing important documents, or magazines, without punching hole..
Acco 70850 File Fastener Two Piece Box 50
Crystalfile® 2 piece fasteners are made from quality steel. 80mm centre for standard punching and 50..
Arnos F209 Fastener No.3 Prongs Box 50
Arnos File FastenersThe original famous 3-piece long prong paper fastener with full length secure to..
Arnos No.3 Fastener Box 50
The original famous 3 piece fastener with full length top slide. 55mm prong with rolled edges for im..
Arnos Polyprong Plastic Paper Fastener Pkt 100
No sharp edges, safe and gentle on hands, will never rust. Safe and secure all plastic 3-piece paper..